Terms and Conditions


1.No smoking is permitted 



2.No pets of any kind allowed


3.No housing benefit


4.Two weeks deposit plus 2 weeks rent to aquire rooms


1. Smoking on the premises is strictly forbidden, and any parties found to be breaking this rule could find the agreement terminated immediately. Smoking is a serious fire hazard, putting yourself and others at risk. Please abide by these terms.

2. Pets yes we love them, but the tenets occupying the premises after yourself may not share the same sentiments. Most pets  leave a scent and also shed microscopic hairs, which a lot of people are allergic too. We also have a strict policy which could find you and your pet evicted immediately with agreement non and void apon immediate effect.

3. Unfortunately T.A Lettings can not accommodate Housing benefit in any form.

4. Deposit monies. Any room you maybe interested in will be subject to, two weeks deposit  and two weeks rent, to be payed on the day of moving in. All tenants are subject to a Minimum stay of 8 weeks to qualify the return of the deposit.

All rooms will be fully inspected apon departure, any damages found will be calculated and deducted from deposit money. If damages amount to more than deposit, you will be liable for these charges.